The Network

    Ahmen Cabral

    USM, Muskie School of Public Service, Cutler Institute 

    Working with public and private partners and young people who have experienced foster care to improve the short term experience and long-term outcomes of youth in care.

        Andrew Bossie

        Executive Director, Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters

        Supporting Maine’s National Monument and the communities of northern Maine through collaborative and empowering efforts to encourage visitation, develop infrastructure, and engage local citizens.

            Becca Matusovich

            Executive Director, Partnership for Children’s Oral Health

            Leading a network to catalyze innovation and drive systems change toward a shared mission of eradicating dental disease among Maine children.

                Betty Gensel

                fcNET, Liaison, in Greater Franklin County

                Promoting economic development thru workforce education and training.

                    Bo Norris

                    Co-Founder of Maine Network Partners

                    Involved across collective efforts ranging from funders groups to boards to groups of organizations working together for the greater good.

                        Brendan Schauffler

                        Oxford County Wellness Collaborative

                        Working to improve community health by supporting collaborative efforts, with a focus on strong relationships and including the voices and gifts of all community members

                            Carole Martin


                            Maine Network Partners program designer, co-founder and consultant to community-based efforts across a wide array of issues.

                                Charles Rudelitch

                                Executive Director, Sunrise County Economic Council

                                Working to create jobs and opportunity in Washington County, both professionally and as a partner in a family business.

                                    Claire Schroeder

                                    Youth and Community Engagement Team within the Cutler Institute

                                    Building collaborative relationship based on trust, clear identification of the end goal and process of our work.

                                        Dan Coyne

                                        United Way of Greater Portland

                                        Mobilizing cross sector partners and individuals to change systems and make Thrive2027’s bold goals for a stronger Greater Portland a reality.

                                            Debra Dunlap

                                            Community Partnerships for Protecting Children

                                            Working on child welfare system change by mobilizing unusual partners to recognize their role and act together to improve conditions for children and families.

                                                Emily Thielmann

                                                Youth and Community Engagement, Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

                                                Shaking up inequities in our education and social service systems through curiosity, relationships, tenacity, and a listening ear for the voices of those most marginalized by our society. Email:

                                                    Glenn Kapiloff

                                                    Director, Franklin County Adult Education

                                                    Working with adult learners to make connections for educational and workforce training opportunities. Bringing together employers, trainers, resources and potential employees to help support economic and community development.

                                                        Janine Roberts

                                                        Chief of Westbrook Police Department

                                                        Working with local community partners in efforts to create relationships and problem solve quality of life issues throughout the City of Westbrook.

                                                            Jennifer H. Burns

                                                            United Way of Greater Portland

                                                            Cultivating partnerships and connecting community expertise to improve the lives of children and families and enhance educational outcomes.

                                                                Jessica Burton

                                                                Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative

                                                                Strengthening land and water conservation organizations by making the conversation about conservation broader, acknowledging and acting upon the wide connections and relevancies for greater impact and healthier communities.

                                                                    Jim Douglas

                                                                    Director, Healthy Oxford Hills

                                                                    Applying principles of facilitative leadership and co-design to chronic disease prevention and community health promotion in deep collaboration with diverse partners across Oxford County.


                                                                        Jo D. Saffeir


                                                                        Providing consulting support to nonprofits, state and federal agencies, universities and foundations on complex environmental, natural resource and food system-related issues. Email:

                                                                            Kate Snyder

                                                                            Executive Director, Foundation for Portland Public Schools

                                                                            Working to build capacity for philanthropies’ role in public education in Portland. Email:

                                                                                Katie Boss

                                                                                Healthy Androscoggin

                                                                                Supporting healthy communities in Androscoggin County through education, policy change, community mobilization and creative collaborations.


                                                                                    Katy Foley

                                                                                    Associate Broker / Scarborough Town Councilor

                                                                                    Working on various committees and with local boards on economic development and social justice initiatives with a focused eye on the needs of our aging population.

                                                                                        Kristina Cannon

                                                                                        Main Street Skowhegan

                                                                                        Working to improve the quality of life in Skowhegan, Maine, via collaborative community-development initiatives that will strengthen the agricultural, outdoor recreation, and cultural economies; support and grow locally owned businesses; and cultivate a vibrant and active community.

                                                                                            Marty Zanghi

                                                                                            Independent Consultant

                                                                                            Building and aligning networks for social change and justice.

                                                                                                Matt Craig

                                                                                                Casco Bay Estuary Partnership

                                                                                                Working within collaborative networks to address aquatic habitat degradation, water pollution, and coastal resilience. Email:

                                                                                                    Maureen Drouin

                                                                                                    Executive Director of Maine Conservation Alliance and Maine Conservation Voters

                                                                                                    Tapping the collective power of Maine’s environmental community to protect our air, land, water, and wildlife for future generations.

                                                                                                        Shanna Cox

                                                                                                        Project Tipping Point

                                                                                                        Founder and consultant to those seeking to leverage their networks for change and impact with people and communities.

                                                                                                            Warren C. Cook

                                                                                                            Co-Founder of Maine Network Partners

                                                                                                            Promoting shared leadership every way I can…